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Book Adventurer

I love books whether they are based on true events or not. My favorite book genres are history, historical fiction, biographies, mysteries, and detective stories. I hope to be a writer once my college career has ended.


I am a born again Christian and love the Lord Jesus Christ with all my heart!
: )
I enjoy being with my family, reading, writing, history, horses (my absolute favorite animal : ), classical music, hymns, four-wheeling, classic trucks, frigates, barques, schooners, brigantines, random facts, histories of other countries, flowers, lighthouses, dogs, the ocean, prairies, mountains, streams, waterfalls, birds singing, wide open places, going for walks, snowflakes, thunder, rain, old-time country music, teacups, spearmint tea, limeade (like lemonade : ), strawberries, blueberries, trees, the sky, gardening, cooking, baking, geography, and ocean breezes! : ) Would love to own a peregrine falcon and a blue lacy/redbone to go hunting with. :)

"“Write about what really interests you, whether it is real things or imaginary things, and nothing else.”
― C.S. Lewis "